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David William Paley 1942-

David Paley belongs to the modern romantic realist school writing with a human dimension but often of sombre themes. His works offer inspiration to those seeking encouragement in despair and which are designed to lead the reader to the thought that the deepest sorrows can be mended when time is blended with a little hope.

He lives in UK.

I have affection for most of these poems but readers may be interested in my favourites. I therefore list several on my Poet's Choice page.

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Readers may find my Kindle books of interest:

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Over 101 French poems and

over 150 German poems
appear in their original texts together with my translations into English.

I have also placed 40 of my poems, together with short commentaries on each, into a Kindle book entitled "A Tribute to my Muse";

A further 30 poems, together with short commentaries on each appear in a Kindle book entitled "Visions and Illusions".

Under the name, "William Paley", I have also written a Kindle novel entitled "The Magic Canopy", a story of pining lovers set in southern England.

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