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David Paley

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David William Paley

Go mighty words! Take flight around the world;
All who hear you shall weigh your weight in gold.
Leave a part of discourse wherever you are hurled;
And prove your worth to all who wish you to behold.

To those who want to love you, tell them they are doubly blessed.
You will proclaim a deeper wisdom when emitted from their lungs
But more than that is possible when speech is well expressed
For you will chime more sweetly when rung with silver tongues.

Allow the passions to be vented and set creation free;
Persuade all those who hear you that they have been new born
Let thoughts escape to freedom and let new vistas be
To open on the world where night awakes to dawn.

Bring your message from the gods full of good intent
Your masters will be those who are from heaven sent.