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The Girl with the Ash Blonde Hair
David William Paley

The girl with the ash blonde hair
Was crowned with a wreath of laurels
When she sang like blackbird laughter
Trilled from topmost branches;
Her music sprang from parted lips
To flow like melted silver
Leaping like a crystal stream
That through the moorland dances.

The flood that flowed through winter nights
And fed the springtime morning,
Flushed an everlasting summer
From the joyful buds of May;
For love was borne upon the wind
That bent the corn with gentle breath
And whispered in the zephyr breeze
Words that serve until our death.

Sapphire glances glinted sunlight
From eyes of daytime wonder
But showed the stars a matching pair
When prepared for night-time slumber.
She reached to me her tender hand
In mists of dawn with dewdrop flowers
And smiled like sun through clouds
As we woke to joyful hours.

Now we both have pearl grey hair
That gleams upon the evening air
Flattered by the moonlight beams
As silver locks descend to dreams;
But those passions of our golden days
Still swirl like clouds about the moon
Dancing through nocturnal halls
That were by heaven hewn.