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David Paley

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David William Paley

Bathed in memories of long ago
Or borrowing the glory of the past,
Mourners march to solemn music
And prayers for yesteryear.
Minds fasten on their comrades,
On those no longer here;
They swing to sounds of cheering
To reap the just applause
As thousands think of honour
And what had been achieved
By those in their observance
Of a duty well performed.

But older wars have mellowed with the ages
And warriors of the past look down together
Arms discarded; bewildered by lingering gulfs
But rejoicing in their Christian souls.

Remember, lest we forget!
Remember comrades,
Their loyalty and their spirit.
Respect their brotherhood of arms
But greet also their fine achievement:
The gentler age they ushered in;
And lend a part of pride
To fill another's unforgotten woe:
Sacrifice is noble;
Bereavement, everywhere, is sorrow.