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Raking the Sands
(Authored as William Paley)

A highly intelligent, mature family man is blackmailed by a petty crook seeking access to secret information in The Department, a government institute for combatting international crime.

With help from a fellow official, he deflects attention onto a younger man who is sated by the criminality he witnesses and is intent on leaving the establishment to settle into a more satisfying life of independent journalism. A famous film actress attempts to combat the blackmailer's remorseless persecution of his sister whom he has recruited in order to distract the younger man from detecting the origin of drug and counterfeit shipments. The painstaking collection and collation of clues gathered from an array of sources is persuasive enough, however, for him to undertake one last assignment in order to locate the source.

The romantic lives of the participants are threaded through the events but the leader of The Department is intent on putting business before devotion and, too late, faces the realisation that his flawed decision leads to personal disaster.