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David Paley

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David William Paley

The rainbow fades after the rain,
The dew leaps into the air
And bluebells die with the passing of spring;
Snow in the summer melts quickly away
And flowers wither in autumn;
The notes of laughter are lost in the night
And the song ceases when sung
Floating away on breezes unseen
To live in a world where ephemera dance
With the blossoms and joys that have been.

Though precious the hour
Or bright the star,
Time and tide move on.
The world turns round
And leaves us bereft
Of all that we, once, revered.
We grasp at the void
With thoughts vainly astir
That those moments of bliss
Should not depart but recur.

Thus, the present gives way to the new
And the incoming tide breaking over our lives
Sweeps clear our castles of sand
As days beneath our rose coloured skies
Pass into canopied night.
But, then, we build a fortress from stars
Placing their jewels in tapestried halls
In remembrance of heavenly gold
Stored in the depths of the mind
Holding a wealth of blessings untold.

Memories stay as if they were music
That sounds from a voice far away
Wafting to us from the treasures we hoard
Dwelling, forever, in a hidden recess,
Embraced in the realms of our soul.
From the first flush of youth
To the borders of age,
Although they become faded and worn,
They shine as brightly as new,
Despite being tattered and torn.

They are cast in the mould
That will retain them unchanged
Throughout all the term that remains.
Then, if blackbirds are heard with surprise
Or sun bursts beaming through clouds,
Pearls will shine forth and the curtain will rise
Bringing the scene, once more, to our view
Where the sighs of the past will resume,
As the songs that play in the wind
Whisper our flowers, again, into bloom.