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Lost Love
David William Paley

Have joys now ceased
Or are they masked
By views obscured
In questions asked
By my own love
Who would have hoped
To be more cherished
In my weak heart
Less true than wished
When we broke apart?

That untamed land
Where freedom danced
With grains of sand
That told the past
Before they fled
To another glass
Has now asked
That they forget
And repeat their flow
With time reset.

Do our dreams
Still soar
On butterfly wings
At break of dawn
That daylight brings
In morning beams;
Or flutter by
Through wasted hours
More entranced
By waving flowers?

Or, then, at night,
Alight from flight,
To find the star
Within her eyes,
A diamond glint
In sable skies,
To be the moth
Around the flame
And die in love
That overcame?

But, no! We live
On borrowed time
More conducive
To decline
Than to streams of gold
Where once we found,
The rich reward
That lovers drowned
As they were lost
In depths untold.

I use the dark
To pause in life
And reminisce
Until the dew
On all the strife
And deeds remiss
When lives renew
Or stand alone
As clouds dismiss
The rose we knew.

Grains that stay
Will drain away
When the glass
Is turned
Another day;
So, let fate pour
To mend our sighs
And live, once more,
The times we passed
With butterflies.

From beyond the hill,
Comes light unbound
To ascertain
For good or ill,
On hallowed ground
In floods that thrill
To happy sound
Of lyre strings,
Her presence here
When heaven sings.

But what to do
Should silence break
At the last adieu;
And groaning sun
Bring lasting ache?
When sands have run
And the race is lost,
The world rolls on
Then turns to dust-
And life is gone.