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David Paley

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David William Paley

This faithful mirror, held in awe,
Has reflected radiant smiles
But, now, keeps silence as its counsel,
Shows me eyes that are bathed in tears
At the thought of no more April
And utters not a word of comfort
Returning admonition at all my fears.

With knowing look, you flatter me
And scold me when I feel a doubt
Turning that reproachful glance
When I feel encroaching night;
So, I stir the depths of conscience
In review of all my deeds
Searching how to change my plight.

My cheeks are pinched with cold
And, perhaps, betray my age;
But those eyes of innocent days
Seem to say with a finger raised
That they perceive my hesitant ways
And, despite the loss of past allures,
Insist that life may still be praised.

"We cannot bid the sun to shine
Or the moon to fulfil our dreams
When all those doubts remain
Unquenched within our souls.
Not always can the sky be fine
But rain is brief that descends in streams:
The heavens above are beyond disdain
And pour goodwill 'til the last bell tolls".