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David Paley

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David William Paley

Caravans crossed in the far beyond
As night-time closed on desert sand
And silence took me unaware;
But I felt you wave before engulfed
By darkness gathering round
As I dropped my long held stare
To journey over voiceless ground.

What barren wastes must I inhabit
Until, once more, we greet the sun
That brings the sparkling dawn?
Will you hide through my eternal night
Whilst your blessèd spirit bathes in balm
And everlasting light
Wafting through a far off cloister;
Or will you be another form
And, in attendance, never falter?

You may be lost to view
But hope lives on in my despair;
For, I am always near you
Within this midnight air.
Breathe gently on my cheek
As I wait for day to break.
The sun will bring the dew
And I shall see you there;
For, when the zephyr breezes blew,
Your perfume drifted on a prayer;
Now, again, I conjure you
To bring your love for us to share.