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Beyond The Sky
David William Paley

You black bowl of midnight ink
Through which your darts are pointing;
Continent of astral darkness!
You vaulted roof of spangled stars
And dome of silver lights;
Holder of mysteries and house of secrets,
Revolving orb and spinning wheel of sequins
Embracing planets on a moving background!
Custodian of a captive sun;
Guardian of suspended clouds
And comets shooting through celestial heights!

You realm of angels and home to seraphim,
Cathedral of a heavenly chorus
And domain to music of the spheres
Drifting from that loft of minstrels
Whence I hear your song of silence!
Powers, light your candles
And send their rays to strike the steeple
To remind us of the marching hours;
Send the golden moon to bathe in starlit waters
Before it rises washed as pale as silver
To leave a trace of wisdom in the depths of oceans
That will feed our minds in dreams:

I shall be captured by the slumbering deep
And close my eyes on unknown seas
Wider than the far Pacific,
Uncharted and boundless in extent,
Open to a quest of exploration
And glide towards my journey's end.
Borne aloft upon a breath of sighs,
I shall waft across that sable yonder,
To meet on distant shores
Those who long since have departed
To a haven full of wonder.

In that arena that spreads to broad horizons,
Must the entrance to the universe be found
Where, lost in that infinity of Sistine ceilings,
I shall seek another finger to point the way.
Then, with the key to all existence,
Unlock the gateway to the heavens
To find the purpose of the stars
In a house of mansions beyond the sky
When the colour of oblivion
Is revealed to my eternal rest.

There will be no despair nor will there be desire;
Those earthly passions will be swept aside.
All emotions we have known shall be no more;
Hate, anger, rage are gone;
Space and time will not exist
But be replaced by absent form
With neither power
Nor hierarchies of administration
To disturb the coexistence
Of those who share the void
Who, in the comradeship of souls,
Will, forever, merely be.